R5 TURBO "Cévennes"

The Renault 5 TURBO Cévennes was the first of a series of three special competition models, for Renault customers. These models were, chronologically, the types: Cévennes, Tour de Corse and Maxi Turbo.

The R5 Turbo Cevennes was launched in June 1982 as a development of the model 822 for competition/client, with homologation for Group 4.

A total of 20 units of the Cevennes type were produced.

It was marketed in yellow Renault color and factory equiped with a 160 bhp engine with the particularity of being pre-equipped with an air/air heat exchanger which allowed the application of a conversion kit for 200 bhp.

It came also electrically pre-equipped to allow the mounting and control of 4 additional headlights.