R5 TURBO "Tour de Corse"

The Renault 5 Turbo Tour de Corse emerged in late 1982 being the result of the application into production models of the experience acquired by Renault in official competitions, especially after the Renault's victory in the "1982 Tour de Corse". This model was also prepared according to the latest changes in legislation, introduced by FISA for 1983, and obtained approval for Group B in January 1983.
Nevertheless, this Tour de Corse version was no more than an evolution of the R5 Turbo and R5 Turbo Cevennes, maintaining some of its characteristics, like for example, the 1397 cm3 engine. However the engine power was increased to 240 bhp and it was equipped with a mechanical Bosch K-Jetronic injection and an adjustable "waste gate" to allow to vary the power output as required.
All the mechanics was also prepared to receive the "maxi" equipment (265/285 bhp - conforming to Group B).

The Tour de Corse version had a production of 20 units + 12 upgraded from the "normal" R5 Turbo (road version). It was also produced the equivalent to near 50 units for replacement parts.